Saturday, November 15, 2008

Instead of letting Dean go off by himself, the kids and I decided to join him on his hunting trip. Unfortunately we didn't bring him any luck but some of the other guys got some trophies which was nice to see. Dean was especially happy to see Duane and Jason successful.

The first day, there was snow which Cooper and Lily enjoyed. Natalie, as always, was happy just to be held and hang out with Mom and Grety.
Cooper and Lily going outside

Cooper and Lily throwing snowballs

Duane and Lily with his buck

Cooper and Natalie Happy at Camp

My Handsome Hunter

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dean and I are just coming off of a very busy weekend. We both worked at the new house Saturday and Sunday. Dean worked on digging the water line with a lot of help from his parents, while my Dad helped me paint the interior.

Cooper had a big weekend as well losing his first tooth.

He also starting doing something called "The People Dance" which turns hilarious!

Natalie spent a good portion of the weekend with my Mom and Nonee sinceI was painting.

Monday morning brought another work/school week which excited the whole family. Dean especially.

Dean will head up north later this week to go hunting with Grampy and the rest of the guys. We wish him luck! We will keep the home fires warm!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, Halloween has come and gone. We were quite busy between the house, Halloween, Dean's birthday and the kids costumes and what not. Cooper had his first Halloween Parade at the Elementary School on Friday and loved it. Natalie slept through it.

We also went to the Halloween Party at the barn. There were some great costumes there and we all had a great time. We also brought our own Jack-O-Lanterns because we didn't want to leave them at home where no one would see them!

Sarah's Frankenstein
Dean's Traditional Pumpkin


Natalie's Innitials

The Halloween Party


Lilypie First Birthday tickers