Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Jeez!

Ok - so I missed a few months.

We are doing great in the new house. We love living so close to Grety and Pappas and have enjoyed our new home and yard as much as we can. Cooper has spent a lot of time fishing and catching stuff in the pond by our house. Natalie likes to fish with Dean while in the front carrier pack.

Cooper finished off his school year in June and then we didn't do too much because of all the rain. Natalie and I spent the 4th of July in North Conway with my family and as a nice addition, Mamie, Jobe and the Kids joined us. Dean was in Florida fishing and Cooper was with his Dad. Natalie also took that time to take her first steps - which is mostly boring for everyone else but pretty exciting for us. She also got a front tooth -which seems to be changing the entire look of her face.

Dean and I decided to participate in the Fresh Air Fund this year and we volunteered to host a little boy from NYC to experience the country. So on July 7th - Salomon came to visit us for 2 weeks. He is a sweet and helpful little boy (when he wants to be). We were able to take a nice trip to the beach and up to camp. he and Cooper fight one minute and play for a few hours together then next. Who knows if they even like each other or not - but Salomon says he would like to come back next year!


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