Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of 2nd Grade and few others!

Here are a few pictures of Cooper's first day of school. This first one is before he put in his hair gel. I don't have many of him post-hair gel but I think Sally got one - so I will try to find that.

This is down at the bus stop. This year there are two other kids at his stop so he won't have to wait alone. Natalie was happy to chat away while we waited for the bus.

She also spent some time up in a tree while waiting for the bus. With Daddy's help of course!

This is last week when Dean was outside working with Cooper on shooting his bow.
Natalie's new hobby in the bathtub is eating bubbles and drinking water. It makes bathtime very short in our house.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Can't Belive My Baby is 1!!!!

August 12th was Natalie's 1st birthday! We are all amazed at how fast the year went by. We have a little girl who laughs and walks and points and says a few words. It's just amazing. We had a small birthday party and all enjoyed cupcakes. Natalie got some great gifts including a four wheeler (toy), a handmade quilt, bath toys, books and clothes. She wasn't as impressed with being sung to and her party hat as she was by the cupcake itself, but she had a great birthday and party nonetheless.

Mom and Natalie
Not too impressed with the singing!

Loved the cupcakes!

Nonee holding baby Arianna


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