Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last 3 Months or So!!

OK - No doubt about it! I am behind once again! I have found that "life" has interfered with updating the blog about my life!!

We all had a great fall! Cooper played MCAA soccer and had a great time! We jumped right into winter here and have been enjoying the snow and trying to get out sledding and playing as much as we can. Cooper also turned 8 (I can't believe it some days!) in November!

Cooper at 1
Cooper at 8

He is growing like a weed. He had a small sleepover with a few friends as his birthday party and they had a blast just watching movies, playing video games and riding Cooper's four wheeler.

Aside from Cooper's birthday, November brought us our family trip to hunting camp in Pittsburg, NH and Thanksgiving. Both were great. Dean is always great about taking time out of his day of hunting to walk around with us and show us some nature. We saw some great moose tracks and Cooper got to use Dean's deer call. he thought that was pretty fun!

Cooper was with his Dad for Thanksgiving and we missed him, as we always do when he is gone, but we spent some time with my family in MA before the Canter Girl's Black Friday Shopping Trip!!

December 1st brought us the great news that we are expecting another girl this April! Once we learned that all looked happy and healthy in the womb, we couldn't have been happier!

The holidays were pretty quiet. We spent a nice afternoon at Nana and Papa's for Hanukkah and enjoyed the company, as always! Christmas came and we decided to take a short trip to North Conway, to see Auntie Beth, Uncle Todd, Bella, and Ava, and to get Dean out on the slopes! It was Natalie's first time staying in a hotel, she did great and had a great time!!

And just yesterday we got back from a great trip to Florida. Nana and Nonee decided to spend a few weeks in the warm weather and invited us to join them for a few days! We were worried how Natalie would do, as she isn't always the best traveler, but she did great!

We Spent 2 great days at Seaworld, where the animals and shows are so fantastic and impressive!

We also spent 2 days at Disney. One at The Magic Kingdom and one at The Animal Kingdom. We had a good time at both, Cooper is at a great age where he loves to ride the rides! He rode just about every ride at Animal Kingdom. We also had Nonee along that day and we all loved the Safari ride that took us on a mini-African Safari! Other than that our time was spent in the pool!!


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