Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All the rest!

This is just a mish mash of pictures of the last month or so. Some just around the house. We have also done the fishing derby as well as Cooper's spring show at the elementary school.

Natalie - Happy in the Morning!

Not the best picture of Cooper - but we were towards the back of the gym!

Natalie on the swings at Cooper's MCAA baseball game (more pictures of that to come)
Cooper and the Miles kids enjoying the outdoors!
surfing down a loam pile!

Dean and Natalie getting ready to enjoy Cooper's Show

Dean and Cooper at the Fishing Derby. (They didn't catch anything)

Natalie at the fishing Derby

We also ran into Jim Young, his son Quinn and a friend of his so we took a spot near them. It was a very "manly" day. Natalie and I hung back!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Are In The House!!!

Dean, Cooper, Natalie, and I moved into the new house the last weekend in March. We had a ton of help which made it all go so fast and smooth! I am still unpacking some and decorating some but as I keep saying, I have plenty of time to get it done! We are so happy here. Dean has been out working in the yard constantly and Cooper has been having a ball playing out in the fields. Even the cats have been enjoying themselves with all of the critters out here! Natalie has her playroom and enjoys being able to move around pretty freely. She started crawling the day after we moved in!! She really loved the carpet! I will post some pictures - some of them aren't great because of the sun and the camera flash - but should be enough!!

The Master Bedroom (bad lighting)

My...oops....I mean OUR Closet

Cooper's Room

Natalie's Room (with her sleeping the the crib!)

The Entryway (from below)

From Above

Dean's Office

The Mudroom

(My mom got us a great sign to go in our new house)

The Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Area

Natalie's Play Room

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ooops - again!

I know - It has been over a month! I shall update soon.


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