Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Can it really be true that Penny is over a year old? So hard to believe how fast time flies but there you have it! We celebrated Penny's first birthday over a month ago and she is just growing so fast we can't even stand it! In the last month she's gone from walking to running, cooing to saying a handful of words and has even started sleeping through the nights about half of the time. She's funny and sweet and everything we could ask for in a baby!

Cooper is growing fast too – he's very excited that he's almost as tall as Nonee! He's been playing baseball this spring and he just gets better every week! We've really enjoyed watching him grow into this new league he's playing in and making some new friends. He's about ready to wrap up the third grade (as are we all) and hit summer! He's expecting a baby brother (his father's) and day now and he's very excited and we are excited for him. We only wish some of this rain would let up so he could get outside just a little more.

Natalie is keeping us all busy as usual – she's more work then Cooper and Penny combined. She loves to be outside, rain or shine, and get as dirty as possible. She's also a big helper for her Daddy and when he works on projects around the house she likes to follow him around and help him. He's been working on finishing the porch and Natalie will stay out there with him for hours, hammering nails, taping things up, sanding the siding – she's a great help! ;)

Memorial Day is just around the corner – which means summer is right behind. Since I am working now that means a little less time home during the day but we are hoping to squeeze in some weekend trips, swimming, summer camp and fun times through the summer. Also, as per usual, we still have tons of projects around the house. Slowly we are getting there – but the most important thing is we are having a great time doing it!


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