Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dean and I are almost ready to move into the new house! We are hoping the weekend of the 28th we will be moving. The carpet has been ordered and the trim and baseboards are almost all in! It seems the really hard work is about to come to a close but not without a lot of help and/or babysitting from Nana, Papa, Grety, Pappas, Nonee and Ike and many others. Dean and I lay in bed every night and talk about how excited we are to finally be living there.

Cooper started Archery Lessons in town with Brody last week. Dean took Cooper and took a few nice pictures. Cooper seems to be enjoying and looking forward to it this week.

Natalie is just as happy as ever. She is back to sleeping and eating well after her sickness. She is on all fours when you put her down. She rocks back and forth like she is ready to start moving at the speed of sound!! She is just about ready to crawl! Needless to say, she must take after her father!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Are Still Here!

I haven't been posting much lately. Sorry!

Dean and I have been busy with both houses. We are still not in the new house but are as hopeful as ever. We are still working hard over there and hope to be in soon. We (cross your fingers) finally have an agreement on the house and are waiting on an inspection and some formalities and then hopefully the house on Crosby Street will be just a nice reminder of our beginnings together and as a family.

The kids have both been sick back and forth. Natalie has had a hacking cough for a few weeks while Cooper had an ear infection and then got the stomach bug that has been going around - even Dean had it.

Between it all we did make it up to camp for a bit of February vacation. My camera stayed forgotten in my room but mayby I can rustle up some pictures from Mamie!

Thats all for now.


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